Monday, December 31, 2007

Oh What A Day!

Wowee! It's been quite a day around here! First, Mommy and Daddy got home last night. Second, George didn't come home from the kennel till this morning, so we got some serious Mommy and Daddy time. Third, we got a bunch of presents from our Nana and Papa - three bags of greenies and a bunch of fuzzy mice. Fourth, Mommy and Daddy let us open our stockings from Santa, that was really great! We got a bunch of cool stuff, fuzzy mice, treats, a new laser pointer and a couple of long feather toys. Fifth, and most importantly we got to open our Secret Paws (it came while Mommy and Daddy were away - and we waited so patiently to open it)!

Thank you sooooooooooo very much Nymphadora Tonks of the Fluffy Tribe! We love it - and what an amazing package! We got a couple of catnip toys, a huge bag of Catnip, a fuzzy mouse, a pretty pink ball (which has already been lost under the sofa once) and the best part - beautiful hand made blankets for each of us!!! Here are some of the pictures...

Here's George opening her stocking and her present from Nana and Papa.

Here's Pearl checking out her treats from Santa.

Jake enjoys his new blankie from Nymphadora.

Here's Bert checking out the haul of presents!

Here's all our wonderful Secret Paws presents (and Pearl, she won't stay off the new blankets!)

So, now we're all just relaxing at home, George is tired from having such a good time at the kennel, and we're sleeping off the nip that we got earlier. Mommy and Daddy are going out later, so it will be a quiet evening for us. Well, except for Pearl - she's heading out on her New Year's date with Dante (she's been preening all day!).

We hope every kitty has a wonderful New Year's celebration!

-Pearl, Bert and Jake

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #8 Resolutions

We just talked with Mommy and Daddy out in California, they're having a good time - but they miss us. We told them that we missed them too, but in turth we've been too busy to miss them!

We've already stopped by Dante and Capt. Jack's for some nip and time by the fire (it was wonderful to cuddle with you date - Purrs, Pearl). Then we headed over to Parker's to play for a while. We still need to stop by to see Zippy, Sadie & Speedy's and Abby & Boo's place. Though we've got to hurry Mommy and Daddy will be back before New Year's so we need to get in the rest of our visits!

We're doing ok with out pet sitters - but they kid beans sometimes come down and we run and hide when they come to feed us. We like it much better when it's the adult Beans (they don't scare us as much). Plus the kid beans always try to pick us up!

While we were checking in with Mommy and Daddy they told us we should start thinking about our New Year's resolutions, so we'll think on that. In the mean time here are a list of resolutions that we think Mommy and Daddy should do:

1. they will feed us more stinky goodness
2. they will open the nip container waaayyyyy more often
3. Mommy will wake up on time for our breakfast
4. they will make the dog stay out more so we can get more lap time
5. they will leave the top of the treat jar off more often
6. they will spend more time playing with us every day
7. they will put a kitty tree in every room of the house
8. they will not let those kids pet sit us any more
9. they will stay home all day more often (not everyday, because we need our time too)
10. Mommy will get all her stuff out of the back bedroom so it can really be our room
11. Daddy will finish the basement project so that we can have our great sleep spot back
12. they will stay in bed more on weekends so we can get our snuggle time
this is the important one...
13. they will not leave us for Christmas anymore!

Hope you're all having a wonderful Holiday Season - we'll be back visiting everyone soon!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

There They Go...

Well, Mommy and Daddy are off to the airport. Our sitters have lots of extra treats and stinky goodness to give us, so it won't be too bad. And when no one is looking we'll be headed off to visit all our kitty friends for the holidays.

We can't wait for them to come back though - cause that means that we'll get all our Christmas presents then - Santa Paws comes and hides them for Mommy and Daddy to give us when they come home.

Merry Christmas Everykitty!

- Pearl, Bert and Jake

Friday, December 21, 2007

Friday Funnies

We're all a bit sad around here - so we figured we could all use a little laugh:

The funniest part (well to us anyway) is that this it could be Jake, he does this every morning (not the bat part)! It's the only time of the day that he will cuddle with Mommy (he's like Chase, he's a Man's Cat). Here are all the things he does to try to get Mommy out of bed for breakfast:

1. Headbutts on her shoulder
2. Licking her hands
3. Putting his paws on her nose
4. Licking her eyebrows
5. Yelling in her ear
6. Stepping on her bladder (that one almost always does it!)

If none of those work he heads over to Daddy's side of the bed and bugs him until Daddy tells Mommy to feed Jake!

- Bert

P.S. We're sorry we haven't been able to get around to say hi to all our friends, but we've all been so busy around here! Also thanks for all the invitations for Christmas - we'll be sure to teleport over to see everyone while Mommy and Daddy are gone! Pearl is planning to head to Dante's as soon as they leave!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #7 - Merry Christmas

Since we have friends all over the globe now (who'd have thunk - we don't even know the kitty next door all that well!) we thought we'd do a Thursday Thirteen of different ways to say "Merry Christmas"!

  1. Mele Kalikimaka (Hawaiian)
  2. Joyeux Noël (French)
  3. Fröhliche Weihnachten (German)
  4. Natale allegro (Italian)
  5. Веселое Рождество (Russian)
  6. Feliz Navidad (Spanish)
  7. Happy Christmas (United Kingdom)
  8. Christmas Alegre (Portuguese)
  9. Καλά Χριστούγεννα (Greek)
  10. Vrolijke Kerstmis (Dutch)
  11. Nollaig shona (Irish Gaelic)
  12. shèng dàn kuài lè (Chinese)
  13. felix dies Nativitatis (Latin)

We know about Mele Kalikimaka, because that's what our Mommy says all the time. But it's not because we're from Hawaii, it's because one of her favorite Christmas Carols is "Mele Kalikimaka" by Jimmy Buffet (or Bing Crosby).

Our Mommy and Daddy are leaving soon to go to California for Christmas, so we won't be around to comment as much. Maybe we'll teleport over to a few of our friends to spend the holidays!

Merry Christmouse and Happy New Year to everykitty!

-Pearl, Bert and Jake

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tuxie and Terrier Tuesday

Ha Ha - Bert sleeps with the dog! We're never gonna let him live that down!

-Pearl and Jake

(It's hard to see where the Terrier stops and the Tuxie begins, but aren't they cute? -Mommy)

P.S. Thank you Mr. Hendrix - we got your card last night, it was lovely!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Mail Call Monday

Such a busy weekend! Mommy and Daddy had to work a lot Friday night an then again all day and night on Saturday, so we didn't get much time with them until Sunday. On Sunday we woke up and there was nothing but white stuff outside - Mommy and Daddy called it a blizzard. Here's a picture of me with some snow in my furs!

Sunday was also special because we finally got Mommy and Daddy to open all the Christmas cards that we'd gotten, but they hadn't opened for us yet (we really need to figure out a way to get some thumbs)! On Friday we got cards from Abby and the gang over at Manx Mnews, Tybalt, Holly and Ivy and Perfectly Parker. On Saturday we got cards from The Furry Kids, all the McKitten Cats, and from far away a card from Fat Eric all the way from London! Oh it was so exciting - we've never gotten mail before and now we've got tons!

And for those of you keeping count, we've gotten 7 cards, Mommy and Daddy have only gotten 2 (well there are 2 more, but they were from business people, so it kind of doesn't count - but even if you count them we've still got them beat!) - ha ha!

-Pearl, Bert and Jake

Friday, December 14, 2007

Fur Sibling Friday

All right, there's been a lot of debate around here as to who we should nominate for "Best Fur Sibling of the Year".

Jake thinks it should be him, since he's the oldest. Pearl thinks it should be her, since she's the princess and therefore the best. George thinks it should be her, because she's the biggest and the rowdiest.

So that's why we're all going to nominate Bert. That's three paws in the air for Bert! Bert is a great brother for both kitties and woofies.
Wow, thank you - It's an Honor, just to be Nominated!

Here are all the reasons that we think Bert should be the Fur Sibling of the Year:

Jake - I Nominate Bert because he is a good "ManCat In Training". Like my big brother before me, I'm training Bert to be a good and courageous ManCat - and he is doing a very good job. He is very brave outside, but smart enough to stay close to home. He's a good bird and mouse catcher, and is also good at catching the chipmunk that lives in the yard (but it always manages to get away - it's a smart chipmunk). Bert is always kind enough to let me wash his head, and always lets me eat his left over Stinky Goodness. When it's time to play "Run through the House as Loud as Possible" he's always the loudest and the fastest. And best yet, he loves to play Laundry Basket Wrestling, one of my favorite games!

Here we are in the Laundry Basket (a little snuggle after the wrestling)

Pearl - Bert was adopted just a few months after I was so we're a pair, a happy kitten pair. We are each other's favorite playmates. When we were still small enough to fit, we'd sleep together in the kitty hammock (now I sleep in the hammock and he sleeps above me in his basket). Even though he is younger than me, he always looks out for me outside - we sit together on the porch watching all the birds and squirrels go by. We also team up to make a great hunting team, we catch tons of mice for Mommy (and she squeals with excitement when she finds them!). When we play inside with the stringy toy he always takes turns with me so that we can both play. Even though he's bigger than me now he's always fun to play with, and always stops when I tell him he's being too rough.

Here's Bert and Pearl hanging out in the hammock (Bert was still a baby)

George - Bert is my cat. Mommy has her cat (Pearl, okay well I guess they are all hers, cause she's the Mommy, but you know what I mean), Daddy has his cat (Jake) and I have Bert. Bert will only give Headbutts to me, not even Pearl or Jake. He comes into my room and rubs me and starts to purr (something he doesn't do very often - and never for Daddy). Bert's not just a cuddler either, he's my play buddy. No matter how rough I get he just lets me slobber all over him - I can paw him and put his head in my mouth and he never complains (though Mommy and Daddy yell A LOT when I do it). Bert never smacks me in the nose or puts the bitey on my ears, just one of the many reasons he should be Fur Sibling of the Year!

Here were are cuddling together.

So here's three cheers and at least three votes to Bert!!!

-Pearl, Jake and George

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #6 - Lists for Santa

Since it's getting close to time for Santa Paws, we figured that we would do our Christmas Lists for the Thursday Thirteen. At first we thought we could all do a separate list, but Mommy says since we all ask for the same thing that we should just do one, we did figure we would share with George though - cause other wise how will Santa Paws know what she wants?

  1. A New Kitty Tree - Bert

  2. Another Kitty Kup - Bert

  3. New Feather Ball Toys - Jake

  4. A Big Bag of Rattly Fuzzy Mice - Pearl

  5. A Gizzy Quilt - Pearl, Bert and Jake

  6. Greenies and Temptations - Pearl, Bert and Jake

  7. Lots of Firewood - Pearl

  8. A New Baby Gate (to keep George out of our room) - Jake

  9. A Water Fountain - Bert and Jake

  10. A Kitty Door (so I can go out whenever I want) - Pearl

  11. Bacon, Turkey, Ham and Chicken - Pearl, Bert, Jake and George

  12. A Heated Bed - George

  13. A Really big Rawhide Bone - George

We'll keep our paws crossed that Santa Paws gets our list and then gets everything on it! We'll be good, well, we'll try anyway.

Pearl, Bert, Jake and George

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Thanks Kimo & Sabi

Waaahhhooooo! Our first piece of mail - ever! And it's from Kimo and Sabi (we know they might not be reading, but we want to thank them anyway)!

Thanks guys - we all sniffed it an Jake gave it the bitey for good measure. We're so excited to see what other goodies come in the mail. We never knew Mail could be so fun.

- Pearl, Bert and Jake

p.s. Mommy apologizes for the quality of the picture, but she only had her phone handy.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday Meowsings

We were very busy this weekend waiting for the snow storm that never came! Mommy made Pearl and Bert stay in they whole weekend, for nothing, I of course, was smart enough to not want to go out in the cold.

The good news is that Mommy got all the cards done and took them to the post office today. We helped with all the ribbons so we're sorry if there are a few bitey marks. Also, you should be able to smell them coming, cause Mommy rubbed a little catnip on each one as a special surprise (oh wait, that probably ruins the surprise, right?). She didn't want to put it in the envelopes and have the mail kitties confiscate them :-).

Also she put our Secret Paws present in the mail too! So it's on it's way to a very lucky kitty (hee, hee). I apologize for for any bite marks that our Secret Paws kitty may find - some princess kitty with puffy pants (that shall remain nameless) just couldn't help herself and broke into the bag!

- Jake

P.S. Jake was hogging the blog, but I wanted to blow a kiss to Dante! - Pearl

Friday, December 7, 2007

Festive Friday

All kitties that have Forever Homes with wonderful families are lucky - but we consider our selves even luckier. We get to celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah! Our Mommy celebrated Christmas her whole life and our Daddy celebrated Hanukkah, so now we do both - so that means lots of presents for us (practically the whole month of December!).

Since our Mommy and Daddy always go back to California for Christmas we always miss them, and have to have Christmas when they get home. So we love that Hanukkah usually comes before Christmas, so we get to celebrate with them. We get eight nights of treats and toys (and eight nights of being told not to get our whiskers too close to the flame)! And then when we get time to celebrate Christmas Mommy and Daddy bring out our stocking and other presents. We think Santa fills them on Christmas Eve and hides them from us - but we're never managed to find them.

So tonight is the fourth night of Hanukkah and that means we each get four treats and we have to share the new toy - but it's worth it to get eight toys in the end!

Happy Hanukkah to every kitty and woofie!

- Pearl, Bert and Jake

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #5 - Why I Shouldn't Run Outside in the Snow

I love going outside - that's no secret. Who wouldn't? There's mice and birds and squirrels and all sorts of good smells and things to do and eat!

Lately Mommy and Daddy haven't been letting us out as often, something about it being cold out and snowing. I keep telling them that I've got floofy fur and tufts in my toes - I'll be fine.

Yesterday I ran out of the front door before Mommy could stop me - and I ran and romped and played. But there was a little problem with my plan, Mommy and Daddy had to go to work and so they weren't home to open the door for me when I wanted to come in.

So here's my 13 reasons why it's not a good idea to run out the door:

1. When Mommy says it's snowing, it means bits of very cold water are coming down from the sky.

2. When Daddy says it's cold out it means that it's under 30 degrees.

3. I got pine pitch in my pants because I hid under the pine tree to stay warm.

4. I sat by the front door for hours hollering for Mommy or Daddy (that's what the neighbor said).

5. Since we're not allowed outside in winter, Mommy had Daddy take away the little shelter under the deck (the birds and squirrels were making a mess of it), so I didn't have a warm place to hide.

6. There aren't many mice or other creatures to hunt on a snowy day - they all stay in their homes (like I should have).

7. I missed my warm kitty cups where I sleep during the day and I couldn't get eat my crunchies or have any water.

8. I had to hide behind our little spruce tree when it got really windy.

9. I got burs in my tummy fur from running around in the weeds.

10. I just know that my brothers were inside doing all the things that I should have been doing, (you know napping, eating, playing).

11. Mommy and Daddy worried all day - they even asked the neighbor to check and see if I was ok.

12. I got all my floofy furs dirty trying to crawl under the wood pile to stay warm.

13. My Mommy had to leave work early to come home and rescue me, cause she was very worried.

I'm sorry Mommy and Daddy. I promise to at least try and listen to you next time!


P.S. I'm sure he already got one, but I'd like to give my special golden rose to Dante, he's so dashing!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wordy Wednesday

... or "How We Became a Happy Sandwich"

We promised to tell you how we became PB&J, so here it is (or at least how Mommy always tells us):

Long, long ago in a state called California, Daddy promised Mommy that he would get her a kitten for Valentines Day. So they went down to the shelter and picked out a cute little Torbie (she was actually the only kitten, but she stole Mommy's heart cause she looked just like her old cat). The kitten came home with them to live on the boat (yep, they used to live on a boat way back when) - the only problem was that they couldn't come up with a name for her. She was playful, determined, crazy, brave (she'd stand up to anyone coming down the dock) and a good swimmer (she went in once when she mis-judged her jump). They tried on a variety of names, but finally decided to name her Purdy - after the dog Perdita in One Hundred and One Dalmatians - she was brave and beautiful too.

A few years later Daddy's friend had a cat that had kittens on Mother's Day, so he decided that they should adopt one, to keep Purdy company. So one day in July Daddy brought Mommy a little Tuxedo cat. He was much easier to name (plus they had been thinking about names) - since he was so distinguished and manly and smart they named him Basil, after the main character in Great Mouse Detective.

That's when Mommy and Daddy realized that they had some rules about naming kitties - the kitty's name should always come from a Disney movie, and it should always be a non-cat.

They all lived on as a happy family of four, until one day after work Mommy found a wee baby kitten barely old enough to walk. Daddy said, take it right to the SPCA, but it was a Saturday and they were closed, so Mommy had to bring him home. He spent the first day in the bathroom and Mommy called all her friends to see if they wanted a kitten. Within two days, he had found his forever home with Mommy and Daddy.

But he needed a name! They thought and thought about possibilities, but didn't like any of them. One day Mommy said to Daddy "Since peanut butter and jelly is your favorite sandwich, why don't we name the kitten something with a J - then we'll have PB&J?!". Daddy thought that was funny so they started checking for J names that were from Disney and boys names. Finally they came upon Jake, the seagull from the Rescuers Down Under.

That was when PB&J became more than just a sandwich!

Many years rolled on and the family moved to Michigan, not long after that Purdy went over the bridge. It seemed only fitting that she be honored with another "P" kitty, so Mommy researched all the local shelters on PetFinder and found a nice lady with a Tortie that needed a home. So Mommy and Daddy went off to collect her on a snowy morning in January. They had two names picked out, one was Penny and the other was Pearl. Mommy thought Penny would be the best name since she had little copper spots, but they realized that she was such a treasure that she should be named Pearl. Now there are two Pearls in Disney, one is the octopus in Finding Nemo the other is the ship in Pirates of the Caribbean, Curse of the Black Pearl. They originally planned that she was named after the octopus - but realizing what a little treasure/terrorist they had on their hands, the realized that "Curse of the Black Pearl" was more appropriate!

Not a week after Pearl came home, Basil went over the Bridge - Mommy always says that it's cause he missed Purdy so much (she was his favorite toy ever!). Mommy and Daddy were very sad to loose two kitties so close together, but they really wanted to make sure they always had a P, a B and a J - so after a couple of months the nice lady from the shelter called and she had two tuxedo boys that needed homes. Off Mommy and Daddy went to go pick out our new B kitty, they took their friends daughter to help pick. Once they got there Mommy knew right away which kitten would be Bert - he was mostly black, so he looked like a chimney sweep, just like Bert in Mary Poppins.

So that's how we got to be, and stay PB&J!

- Jake

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tuxies, Torties and Trees

We're not completely sure what this is - it's the first time we've ever seen anything like it!

It's tall and sparkly and covered with jingle bells (and other cool stuff). Mommy got it out of a box and then put a bunch more sparkly, jingly things on it. There are even some fuzzy ones that remind us of our toys - but Mommy put them way up high out of our reach.

Jake says it's a Christmas Tree - he said we used to have them in California, but they never came from a box. He says that he and Purdy and Basil would help by playing with the lights as Mommy put them on the tree. Then they would climb the tree during the day, knocking the sparkly things off the tree. They'd even chew the pretty paper off the boxes under the tree.

The best part, Jake says, is that the night before Christmas Mommy and Daddy would turn all the lights off and sit with all of them and look at the tree - then Mommy and Daddy would give them new collars, nip toys and beds.

Well, we didn't get to help with any lights - they were already on there. We're hoping to climb it a bit, but so far Mommy has yelled at us - and even threatened to get out the squirt gun! That does not sound good.

We've had presents before, but never this tree. Even with all of Mommy's finger waggling - we're very excited!

-Pearl and Bert

Monday, December 3, 2007

Woo Hoo!

Since we're already trading Holiday cards with a few other kitties we managed to convince Mommy to make us our own cards to send out! So we won't have to share the family card, it will be just for/from us.

So if you would like to swap Holiday Cards please email us at pbandjkitties AT gmail DOT com

We're looking forward to helping Mommy - even though we don't have thumbs (hope none of you mind a little extra kitty hair)!

- Pearl, Bert & Jake

Lookie What We Got!

We got our very own pet! Our Squillion! See? --------->

We're super excited, we're gonna take really good care of Samich (or Sammie for short)!

Mommy made us name him that cause she thought to would be cute to have a "PB&J Samich" - it is after all how we got our names.

Have we ever told you that story? No? Well perhaps on Wordy Wednesday we'll share that with you.

-Pearl, Bert and Jake

Friday, November 30, 2007

Floofy Friday

See - it's getting cold out, so I'm getting all my extra floofy furs!


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #4 - Why We Love the Kitchen

With Thanksgiving last week there are a lot of good smells that have been coming out of the kitchen. Most of the time we prefer the rest of the house, since it's softer and all our beds and toys are. But we realized that there are a lot of really great things about the kitchen, so we figured that we would do our Thursday Thirteen about our Kitchen.

1. Our Stinky Goodness is kept in the cabinet over the stove (uh oh, looks like we might be running low)

2. Mommy keeps a nice full dish of crunchies right next to the water bowl

3. Our Stinky Goodness bowls are in the kitchen, right next to the crunchies

4. The "Great White Feeding Parent" is there (that's what we call the refrigerator - Jake loves the it more than Mommy some times, he knows that all sorts of good stuff comes out of there)

5. There's a comfy little carpet to sit on and watch Mommy cook

6. If we watch really carefully we see Mommy drop stuff we can sneak in and steal it off the floor (sometimes she drops stuff on purpose too!)

7. Jake likes the butter, if Mommy and Daddy aren't careful to keep it covered he jumps up on the counters in the middle of the night and licks it!

8. Our treat jar is right there on the counter

9. Speaking of treats - Mommy keeps a huge Tupperware container of special home-grown cat nip in the back of the refrigerator! Jake knows it's there and sometimes tries to crawl in!

10. Cheese, the cheese is kept in the kitchen - and we love cheese!

11. We have our "Bad Cat of the Day" Calendar

12. The door to the basement is in the kitchen, and that's the way to our litter boxes

13. It's always warm in the evening after Mommy cooks dinner

-Pearl, Bert and Jake

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wordy Wednesday

We've been thinking and thinking about Miss Peach's Box of Life Meme, and we've finally come up with our answers. Also, we're allowing George and Mommy and Daddy to join in - yep, it's that important that we thought we should share.

Now there are some things that we all would put in like: Mommy and Daddy, our safe house, our puffy beds and the like, so we decided to list the things that are special to us individually.

  • The nice lady that runs the shelter that got me to my Forever home.
  • My distinctive voice that I use to tell every one what I want.
  • Playing "Love and Chasing Mouses" with Mommy - where I chase the fuzzy mouse then bring it back to get a cuddle.
  • My puffy furs that keep me warm when it's cold outside.
  • All my fuzzy mice that I eat the tails off and play with.
  • The down blanket on the back of the sofa that I love to sleep on.

  • The same nice lady that Pearl mentioned, I came from the same shelter.
  • The white tip on the end of my tail, Mommy always kisses it.
  • The Sun Room floor where I sit and watch the birdies for hours.
  • My fuzzy string toy that I love to chase and do flips for.
  • My Sisters George and Pearl - I love to play with them.

  • My strong will to live, for finding my Mommy the day I got separated from my kitty family.
  • The wonderful people who make stinky goodness.
  • My big puffy "pants" - when I'm lying on my back both Mommy and Daddy love to grab them and say how cute I am.
  • Wrestling with Daddy on the big bed - we do it every morning.
  • Fresh laundry and making the bed, ever since I was little those have been two of my favorite games.
  • My big sister and brother, Purdy and Basil - the kittens never knew them, but they raised me to be a very good "head of the house" ManCat.

  • My toy basket, it has every toy a pup could ever want.
  • My "Buster Cube", Mommy fills it with treats to keep me busy when they go out
  • Our fenced in back yard - not many doggies are lucky enough to have their own part of the yard.
  • All the kitties, the new ones and the old ones - they're always so much fun.

Mommy and Daddy:
  • All the wonderful people in the world that that take care of lost and injured animals everywhere.
  • The different vets that have taken such good care of all our animal companions over the years.
  • Our sweet angel kitties that have gone over the bridge.
  • Our wonderful home filled with fur, meowing, barking, running and playing - it's the best place on earth to be.

- Pearl, Bert, Jake, George, Mommy and Daddy

We'd all like to send a special thank you to Miss Peach, this was a special Meme from a special little kitty, thank you.

Photo courtesy of: crumpart

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Airborne Tuxedo Tuesday

Check me out! Here I am, mid-flight. I'm on my way to my favorite sleeping spot - the basket at the top of Mommy's craft cabinet.

I have to jump from the floor to the kitty hammock, then from there to the top of the cabinet. Though sometimes I climb our kitty tree to get to the hammock, and sometimes I'll use the chair that Mommy leaves there for me - it just depends on how I feel that day!

Sorry it's a bit blurry - but I move really fast!

- Bert

Monday, November 26, 2007

ManCat Monday - Raising a Paw

I finally let my Mommy get a picture of me raising a paw! I've been doing it all month, but she's just not fast enough with her flashy box (heh heh). So here I am raising my paw for "Raise a Paw 2007"!
There are so many good kitty causes, but all I really care about is making sure that every kitty has a home. So I guess I'd like to see money donated to national or local no-kill shelters (like the nice place I came from).

- Bert

P.S. Hey wait - I know this is ManCat Monday, but I can raise all four paws at once! Maybe this doesn't count, 'cause I was just chasing my fuzzy mouse, but I think four paws are way better than one!


Friday, November 23, 2007

Fundraising Friday

Now we try not to be too picky when it comes to the stinky goodness, but we don't love beef flavor and we don't love the gravy kinds. So sometimes we turn our noses up at a new flavor and Mommy puts the extra cans in the pantry. We were never sure what she planned to do with them since we wouldn't eat them.

Then we told her about the fundraising that Artsy Cat was doing, and she remembered that she needed to donate all that good stuff to the shelter. So on Wednesday she took all of the stinky goodness from the pantry along with a bunch of food she picked-up at the market to the Blue Water Area Humane Society for all the homeless kitties - so that they would have a nice Thanksgiving.

While she was there she talked to a nice lady about volunteering, so now she's going to help them find homes for all those homeless kitties and woofies. We know that she'd give money if she could, but giving her time is pretty great - we're proud of her.

Well, just as long as she doesn't bring one of those kitties or woofies home.

- Pearl, Bert and Jake

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dirty Tuxie Tuesday

I figured out what to get for my Mommy as a welcome home present! I went under the house and got as dirty as possible then tracked "Dirty Bertie" paw prints all over the sofa - I just know she's gonna love it!!!


Monday, November 19, 2007

Mommy Monday

She's home! Yay!

We had a good enough time with Daddy, but we really do need our Mommy. At first everything was fine, but by the third night we were all up on the bed trying to get a cuddle with Dad. Usually there's not enough room for all three of us, but with Mommy gone, we all got up there.

Mommy brought us treats from a special fancy pet store since Daddy said we were such good kitties. But he was pretty good too! Daddy let us out when we asked, and he gave us lots of treats for coming in when he called, and he let us sleep on him at night (usually we only sleep on Mommy).

The best part is that she spent all day with us today! She was supposed to go to work, but she took a red-eye home and said she was too tired to go in. We spent the whole day laying in the bed with her, helping her with the laundry and keeping as close to her as we could.

I missed my Mommy so much that I went out and got her a present! I put a big, fat mourning dove on the porch for her, but Daddy said he wasn't sure she'd appreciate it and took it away. Now I don't have anything to give her as a welcome home present!


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wordless Wednesday (almost)

Bye Mommy, we'll miss you!

- Pearl, Bert and Jake

p.s. We promise to be good for Dad, please bring us back some goodies!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New Meme - Tuxie/Tortie Style

Wow, we're super excited to be tagged for this meme - thanks Mickey! But given that it's Tuxie/Tortie Tuesday around here, we'll hog the lime light and make it just about us!

1. I have a very tender tummy and yell at you if you pick me up the wrong way. - Bert

2. When I was adopted from the shelter I had conjunctivitis and two types of parasites - I was on medication for more than two months after Mom and Dad took me home. - Pearl

3. I have a little white tip on the end of my tail, so sometimes Mom calls me "Tipperary" and Dad calls me "Tippy". You can almost see it in the snow picture. - Bert

4. I will eat almost anything, Mom calls me a "Garbage Gut". Yesterday I stole some of the the frosting off her cupcake! - Pearl

5. Mom calls me "Mr. Manners" because I sit and wait quietly for treats or meals, while Pearl and Jake run around and holler. - Bert

6. We have a special ball that rolls it's self around the house, I think it's neat, but Bert and Jake are scared of it. - Pearl

7. I weigh more than Pearl and Bert combined, so I'm stealing this one! - Jake

We're still new to this, and some of our friends were already tagged - so how about Tybalt, Parker, Kimo & Sabi, Chase, Latte, Kaze and Henry Helton. If you'd like to join, consider yourself tagged!

-Pearl, Bert & Jake

Monday, November 12, 2007

Mad Man Cat Monday

We're really mad at our Mom! She said she was too busy this weekend to help us get online, so we missed the party and the vigil for our friends - we didn't even get to go visit anyone else! She said something about scrapbooking, but she didn't even have the nerve to do any pages of us!

So here we are - giving her our best annoyed ManCat looks!

And to make matters worse, she's leaving us on Wednesday! She's gonna go home to California and see her family. The good news is that Dad will be staying home with us and that means extra treats, extra of room in the big bed, more play time and sometimes second breakfast (he always spoils us when Mom goes away)!

She said she'd try to get Dad to help us with the internet, but Dad's not so savvy about these things!

- Bert and Jake

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #3 - Best Places to Sleep

We woke up a bit late this morning, and that gave us an idea for today's Thursday Thirteen. We're gonna list the thirteen best places we like to sleep!

  1. In my basket on top of Mom's big craft cabinet - Bert
  2. In the rafters - Jake
  3. Next to the heater vent in the dinning room - Pearl
  4. On the Big Bed, under the covers - Jake
  5. On the seat by the front door (all the better to try and sneak out) - Pearl
  6. In the kitty cup next to the Big Bed - Bert
  7. On the downstairs sofa with Dad - Jake
  8. In the blanket basket - Bert
  9. On the soft cubes downstairs - Pearl
  10. The kitty hammock - Jake
  11. The love seat in the sun room (also nice for bird watching) - Bert
  12. In the living room chairs under the down blankets - Pearl
  13. In the big bed with three kitties with me - Mom
- Pearl, Bert, Jake and Mom

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tuxie/Tortie Tuesday

Here we are - on the last warm days of fall catching some rays!

It's started to get very cold here, it's been in the 30s at night. We're not sure exactly what that means to Mom and Dad, but we do know it means that we can go out at night. The rule is once it dips down below 40 - no kitties outside. If we're lucky we get to go out for a few hours after dinner, before it gets too cold.

Bert always wants to come in when he gets cold, but he has short hairs, so he gets colder faster. But I don't see why Jake and I can't stay out - we have big puffy furs to keep us warm (and they get even bigger and puffier in Winter). I sit in the hall and yell, trying to make my point, but Mom just says "no way Pearly-Mae". She always says that she doesn't want my wee tortie-toes to freeze.

I'll take what I can get for now - because once the snow is on the ground I don't like to go out till Spring!

- Pearl

UPDATE: I just wanted to let you know that when my Dad got home today I yelled at him to let me out, and he did! So I scampered out, happy as can be until I noticed that there was SNOW on the ground. I ran back in as quickly as my wee tortie paws would take me - and Daddy laughed and laughed (he even called Mom at work so she could have a laugh too).

Monday, November 5, 2007

Maine Coon Monday

Dad says I'm a Maine Coon kitty. Now I did tumble out from under a shrub, so no one really knows what I am. But I do seem to have all the key Maine Coon things - I have tufty ears and paws, a broad head and large eyes, a lovely long coat with a ruff around my neck and a strong (very manly) chin.

Mom says she thinks my daddy might have been an otter, 'cause I have huge, webbed paws and I like to roll onto my back with my feather toy and hold the toy on my tummy just like otters do. So Mom and Dad like call me otter paws!


Friday, November 2, 2007

Not Enough Room to Swing a Cat

I don't think that she'd actually swing one of us, but that's what Mom said this morning!

She was going to take a shower and turned the tap on for Bert and Jake (like she always does) so they could drink fresh water while she was in the shower. Usually Bert goes in first and stays a bit, then later Jake comes in for a drink - but this morning Jake went in first and Bert had to wait in line. So while Mom was getting ready, Jake drank and Bert waited patiently on the mat. Mom said it was pretty darn crowded with the two boys, but that Bert was being very good to wait.

Then I decided to see what all the excitement was in the Bathroom (it's not usually all that interesting to me). So when I walked in I gave Bert a little rub, but then I saw Jake's tail just hanging there - so I swatted it! Then Jake got mad and jumped down on me, Bert tried to hop up on the very small counter (thinking it was his turn), and I ran behind Mom.

That's when she yelled at us and said "There's not enough room for all of you - this bathroom isn't even big enough to swing a cat in!".

We're still a bit worried that she'll swing us if she finds a room big enough!


Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #2

Thirteen Reasons Why We Hate Halloween:

1. We don't like people coming into our house - it makes us want to run under the bed.

2. We don't like thinking that people are coming into our house and then not coming in - it makes us run under the bed for no reason and then we get very tired.

3. We don't like people, but we really don't like little goblins that yell.

4. George barks every time someone comes to the door -it makes us think we need to run under the bed.

5. George goes into a tuck-butt run any time the doorbell rings and that's very scary.

6. We're not allowed to go out at all - not in the day time or the night time (even after all the little candy-grabbing goblins have gone).

7. There are no Catnip candies in the bowl for us.

8. Mom gets up and down all night, so we can't settle in for a cuddle.

9. Mom puts candles all around the house and yells at us for sniffing them to see what they are.

10. There are all sorts of scary noises coming from the street, cars and little goblins - scary.

11. Dad always tries to put one of us in a carved pumpkin - and that's not right!

12. Mom and Dad sometimes forget about our dinner since they are worried about when the the goblins will come to the door.

13. Did we mention not being able to go out?!

We're glad it only comes once a year, but we'd just as soon skip it next year!

- Pearl, Bert and Jake

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wordless Wednesday (almost)

I was watching the birds - I didn't know that Bert was watching me and Jake was watching Bert!


Happy Halloween!

We didn't have any pumpkin carving pictures, and they didn't buy us any cute costumes. But we wanted to wish all the Kitties out there a safe and Happy Halloween!

- Pearl, Bert and Jake

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tuxedo Tuesday

Ha ha! I got it all to myself today! Mom said in honor of me being introduced on the Tuxedo Gang Hideout that I could have Tuesday all to myself. Of course I'm sure this means that it's back to Tuxie/Torie Tuesday next week - and I'll probably have to give up a whole Tuesday at some point, but I'll take it!


Monday, October 29, 2007

ManCat Monday

Since Bert and Jake got to post yesterday, and I'm not a ManCat, I thought I'd put up this picture of my older brother, Basil (here he is showing off his more feminine side!).

Basil was a very handsome, very sweet Tuxedo ManCat. I only knew him for a week before he went over the bridge, but he was nice to me and didn't growl or hiss. I wish I had known him longer. Mom was thinking about him today - so she suggested that I use his picture for ManCat Monday.


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sleepy Sunday

Pearl is out in the yard, but we're smarter than that - we're staying in and napping!

-Bert and Jake