Friday, December 14, 2007

Fur Sibling Friday

All right, there's been a lot of debate around here as to who we should nominate for "Best Fur Sibling of the Year".

Jake thinks it should be him, since he's the oldest. Pearl thinks it should be her, since she's the princess and therefore the best. George thinks it should be her, because she's the biggest and the rowdiest.

So that's why we're all going to nominate Bert. That's three paws in the air for Bert! Bert is a great brother for both kitties and woofies.
Wow, thank you - It's an Honor, just to be Nominated!

Here are all the reasons that we think Bert should be the Fur Sibling of the Year:

Jake - I Nominate Bert because he is a good "ManCat In Training". Like my big brother before me, I'm training Bert to be a good and courageous ManCat - and he is doing a very good job. He is very brave outside, but smart enough to stay close to home. He's a good bird and mouse catcher, and is also good at catching the chipmunk that lives in the yard (but it always manages to get away - it's a smart chipmunk). Bert is always kind enough to let me wash his head, and always lets me eat his left over Stinky Goodness. When it's time to play "Run through the House as Loud as Possible" he's always the loudest and the fastest. And best yet, he loves to play Laundry Basket Wrestling, one of my favorite games!

Here we are in the Laundry Basket (a little snuggle after the wrestling)

Pearl - Bert was adopted just a few months after I was so we're a pair, a happy kitten pair. We are each other's favorite playmates. When we were still small enough to fit, we'd sleep together in the kitty hammock (now I sleep in the hammock and he sleeps above me in his basket). Even though he is younger than me, he always looks out for me outside - we sit together on the porch watching all the birds and squirrels go by. We also team up to make a great hunting team, we catch tons of mice for Mommy (and she squeals with excitement when she finds them!). When we play inside with the stringy toy he always takes turns with me so that we can both play. Even though he's bigger than me now he's always fun to play with, and always stops when I tell him he's being too rough.

Here's Bert and Pearl hanging out in the hammock (Bert was still a baby)

George - Bert is my cat. Mommy has her cat (Pearl, okay well I guess they are all hers, cause she's the Mommy, but you know what I mean), Daddy has his cat (Jake) and I have Bert. Bert will only give Headbutts to me, not even Pearl or Jake. He comes into my room and rubs me and starts to purr (something he doesn't do very often - and never for Daddy). Bert's not just a cuddler either, he's my play buddy. No matter how rough I get he just lets me slobber all over him - I can paw him and put his head in my mouth and he never complains (though Mommy and Daddy yell A LOT when I do it). Bert never smacks me in the nose or puts the bitey on my ears, just one of the many reasons he should be Fur Sibling of the Year!

Here were are cuddling together.

So here's three cheers and at least three votes to Bert!!!

-Pearl, Jake and George


The Crew said...

Congratz, Bert! You're definitely a Mancat-in-Training, and such a handsome guy!!

George & Max

Chase said...

you like the laundry basket too?! I love mine!! It's fun to crawl in and out and then back in (:

michico*Adan said...

you 2 are have wonderful relationship~!!!!
I am so admiring you!

Dragonheart said...

Very sweet post! :) Congratulations Bert. :) You sound like a great brother. :)

DEBRA said...


We juss loved all of those pictures of you. We loved the furst one of you with all four paws in the air and then we saw your baby picture with Pearl and we went all weak in da knees. You're a very handsome mancat in waiting.


Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

Bert you must be a very special kitty! You sure sound like it.


Skeeter And LC said...

Bert sure seems like a good nominee! And its good that you all agreed on one kitty in the fambly...

Zelda Janice said...

I'm having a hard time here because I really like George and her reasons for choosing Bert. I like Bert's nose though and that throws a damper on things. I know I don't officially get to vote, but if I could, my vote is for George, a glorious glamour cat like myself. You're gorgeous George!

Tybalt said...

Yay Bert! Congratulations!

The Cat Realm said...

Congratulations Bert! Everybody had really good reasons for you to be the sibling of the year, you are one wonderful cat!
How do you all like the CCSI show so far??? And it will get better, promise!

Pixel said...

Thanks you so much for my secret paw:) I am going to do a special post this weekend on it but wanted to thanks you personally

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Oh, Bert sounds like a furry nice brofur...and mancat in training.

Christine and FAZ said...

It's nice to see such a loving kitty family. Purrs FAZ

jenianddean said...

Congrats Bert! You are a rockin' mancat and fur sibling!!

Thanks P,B,&J for our awesome Christmas card. Mom is so jealous because she ran out of time to make her Christmas cards. She loved what you all did with your card.

Jasper McKitten-Cat

Tesla said...

Hi! i read your notey you left me. Never fear friends! i have no parasites. momma works at the vets... and she makes sure i get good treatments. we knows all about them bugs.

I had a bunch of round worms when i was 3 months, because my previous owners never got me and my fur momma or sisters checked. But, thats not my problems... its canned foods...

Parker said...

Those are all very good reasons. I see why you nominated Bert!

Tyler said...

Bert, you're very well loved. Keep up the good work!