Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wordy Wednesday

We've been thinking and thinking about Miss Peach's Box of Life Meme, and we've finally come up with our answers. Also, we're allowing George and Mommy and Daddy to join in - yep, it's that important that we thought we should share.

Now there are some things that we all would put in like: Mommy and Daddy, our safe house, our puffy beds and the like, so we decided to list the things that are special to us individually.

  • The nice lady that runs the shelter that got me to my Forever home.
  • My distinctive voice that I use to tell every one what I want.
  • Playing "Love and Chasing Mouses" with Mommy - where I chase the fuzzy mouse then bring it back to get a cuddle.
  • My puffy furs that keep me warm when it's cold outside.
  • All my fuzzy mice that I eat the tails off and play with.
  • The down blanket on the back of the sofa that I love to sleep on.

  • The same nice lady that Pearl mentioned, I came from the same shelter.
  • The white tip on the end of my tail, Mommy always kisses it.
  • The Sun Room floor where I sit and watch the birdies for hours.
  • My fuzzy string toy that I love to chase and do flips for.
  • My Sisters George and Pearl - I love to play with them.

  • My strong will to live, for finding my Mommy the day I got separated from my kitty family.
  • The wonderful people who make stinky goodness.
  • My big puffy "pants" - when I'm lying on my back both Mommy and Daddy love to grab them and say how cute I am.
  • Wrestling with Daddy on the big bed - we do it every morning.
  • Fresh laundry and making the bed, ever since I was little those have been two of my favorite games.
  • My big sister and brother, Purdy and Basil - the kittens never knew them, but they raised me to be a very good "head of the house" ManCat.

  • My toy basket, it has every toy a pup could ever want.
  • My "Buster Cube", Mommy fills it with treats to keep me busy when they go out
  • Our fenced in back yard - not many doggies are lucky enough to have their own part of the yard.
  • All the kitties, the new ones and the old ones - they're always so much fun.

Mommy and Daddy:
  • All the wonderful people in the world that that take care of lost and injured animals everywhere.
  • The different vets that have taken such good care of all our animal companions over the years.
  • Our sweet angel kitties that have gone over the bridge.
  • Our wonderful home filled with fur, meowing, barking, running and playing - it's the best place on earth to be.

- Pearl, Bert, Jake, George, Mommy and Daddy

We'd all like to send a special thank you to Miss Peach, this was a special Meme from a special little kitty, thank you.

Photo courtesy of: crumpart


Tybalt said...

You all did a wonderful job on the meme! It made my mommy a little teary-eyed, but in a good way I think.

DEBRA said...

What a wonderful list of things to keep in your box of life...we wuz so touched by what you wrote...


Daisy said...

Oh, your Box of Life is filled with such wonderful things. It made me feel happy to read your lists.

Sultanfus and Guy said...

Nice Meme guys.

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

What a full box! All of those are really wonderful things to put in your box of life.


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

What a sweet and wondrous box of life you guys have. It made mom leak a little, but dats okay cuz den she gave each of us a hug and played red dot with us.

Dragonheart said...

Wonderful lists! Those are all very special things in your Box of Life. :)