Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday Meowsings

We were very busy this weekend waiting for the snow storm that never came! Mommy made Pearl and Bert stay in they whole weekend, for nothing, I of course, was smart enough to not want to go out in the cold.

The good news is that Mommy got all the cards done and took them to the post office today. We helped with all the ribbons so we're sorry if there are a few bitey marks. Also, you should be able to smell them coming, cause Mommy rubbed a little catnip on each one as a special surprise (oh wait, that probably ruins the surprise, right?). She didn't want to put it in the envelopes and have the mail kitties confiscate them :-).

Also she put our Secret Paws present in the mail too! So it's on it's way to a very lucky kitty (hee, hee). I apologize for for any bite marks that our Secret Paws kitty may find - some princess kitty with puffy pants (that shall remain nameless) just couldn't help herself and broke into the bag!

- Jake

P.S. Jake was hogging the blog, but I wanted to blow a kiss to Dante! - Pearl

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