Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wordy Wednesday

Oh yeah - I've got words for you woman (nope, not even going to call you Mommy today) - lots of them.

Let's start with the fact that I was a nice boy and let you oversleep this morning. I didn't bug you for breakfast, I didn't sit on your bladder, I didn't bite your eyebrows, I didn't tap dance on your head - I was a good boy. So how do you reward me? With the wrong stinky goodness, that's how! You know that I don't like any thing that's got rice in it, and you know that I don't like anything sliced or with gravy - but that's what you gave me. So I had to sit there and just watch Pearl and Bert eat, it's just not fair. You didn't even open an extra can just for me!

I suppose that I could have gotten over the food thing, but then you had to cut my nails! And worse yet you had to call it "Mani/Pedi" - that's just not manly. Now I know they've been getting a bit sharp and I scratched you the other day when we were playing, but that is serious insult to injury! Offering a nice hand full of treats was the least you could do.

It's hard to get over so many things in one morning, I was trying hard, then you shut my head in the refrigerator! I know it was an accident and I know if I hadn't been crawling in the fridge trying to find the nip it wouldn't have happened - but it did and now I'm mad!

I know you'll try to make it up to me tonight, extra stinky goodness or extra greenies, but it's not going to work. We're going to have more words about this - probably tomorrow morning around 5am, at top volume, while I sit on your bladder. Oh yes, there will be more words...


P.S. We got tagged for another 7 things meme from Chancy - we'll do it soon, promise.


Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Oh Jake, it sounds like you had a horrible morning! We hope you get spoiled tonight and that you get lots of stinky goodness tomorrow morning.

Parker said...

Man, it's like you had the worst fur day ever! You should have stayed asleep! I hope that your day goes much better tomorrow!

Tybalt said...

Wow, Jake! What a cruddy morning! If you need to escape for a bit, feel free to come over. We have lots of temptations still from Christmas. . . and too many toys to count!

Daisy said...

Clawr clipping?!?!? ::shudders::

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Oh no, what a terrible thing. You have to wait the whole day for the right stinky goodness??
That is really awful. I think you'll teach your mommy lessons at 5am just fine. She'll remember that. Oh yes, she'll remember.

PS my mommy uses that mani/pedi crap on me. that is why i snagged the rug

jenianddean said...

You tell her Jake! It's hard to start your day off like that. There is nothing like getting your head stick in the refrigerator door. UGH! I do think that treats will help the situation, but it doesn't completely make it go away. I can't wait to hear what you do your mom tomorrow morning.

-Jasper McKitten-Cat

topcatrules said...

Oh dear - does your head hurt from being shut in the refridgerator? I feel for you.

I got my foot shut in the front door once. So I feel your pain. I make a dash for the door every day and sometimes I get all the way out! But once I didn't. :(

I got extra hugs though and the big boy drove home from where he was out visiting just to hold me too.

Mom wants to know if there is a difference between dried catnip and fresh, because none of us are at all interested in the fresh catnip in our garden.

From Tigger the FBI Cat

Mickey said...

Jeepers!! You HAVE had a rotten day :(
No more Mr Nicecat!!Time to get even!!!!!!!
Biting eyebrows???? Um,OK,heehee
Purrs Mickey

Monty Q. Kat said...

Sometimes bean need a little time to wake up in the morning. I find singing helps.

Tesla said...

what a terrible day!

momma shut my head in the fridge the other day too... she kept telling me to 'get outta there' as she was closin the door... but i just sat there...

she didnt do it hard, but i can still pretend to be real mad. If i wanna be there, i think i should be able ta!