Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #11

This Thursday Thirteen is for our Daddy.... Thirteen Reasons we need a water fountain:

1. We really do prefer fresh water to old water.

2. If we had a fountain we wouldn't make you change our water two and three times a day.

3. If we had a fountain Bert wouldn't have to get his bum wet sitting in the laundry sink to drink.

4. We wouldn't knock over the dog's water pitcher trying to get a drink.

5. George wouldn't get mad at us for stealing her water.

6. You wouldn't have to yell at us for getting in the kitchen sink after dinner.

7. We'd waste less water because Mommy wouldn't have to leave both bathroom sinks dribbling every morning.

8. Maybe if we had a fountain Pearl could play in that instead of splashing her feet in your coffee in the morning.

9. Jake wouldn't have to get his big floofy ruff all wet trying to drink out of the sink.

10. Jake and Bert wouldn't play king of the vanity when they both try to drink at the same time.

11. Mommy wouldn't have to referee the fights between Jake and Bert when they try to drink at the same time.

12. They really aren't that expensive (see!).

13. We really, really, really want one!

Thanks for listening Daddy!

- Pearl, Bert, Jake and Mommy

P.S. - Thanks everykitty for your nice thoughts yesterday, it really helped Mommy on a rough day!


Captain Jack and Sir Dante said...

We think you guys deserve a fountain. We love ours!

Bert - Thanks for taking over the reporting. Hopefully we can get back to it tommorow or next week at the latest! - Captain Jack

My lovely Pearl-
I would love to come over and spend the afternoon with you. Daddy is home sick today so he can take over guarding Samwise from beau. I'll be right over with the Nip and Temptations! - Sir Dante

jenianddean said...

All good reasons, but I think #13 is reason enough! Great pictures...

Tybalt said...

I bet after that list your daddy will HAVE to get one!

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Fountains are wonderful! We love ours. :) We hope you guys get one! We like to play with water from the tap, but we don't like to drink it, because Munich water is very hard and tastes horrible.

DEBRA said...

What Daddy could resist getting you a fountain after all of that research into it!!

I bet you will have a fountain very soon.


Daisy said...

I hope you get a fountain, I really love mine. Here are some advice I have for you:
1. Be sure to get the reservoir since it holds lots of extra water. Without the reservoir, you have to keep refilling the fountain.
2. I used to have the original Drinkwell (like in your link). After a few years, we replaced it and got the Drinkwell Platinum. I like the new one better than the original one.
3. DO NOT get the cat grass accessory. It makes the water get all slimy, I guess from all the roots hanging over the side.
4. I think sometimes you can find good deals on e-bay.

Good luck on your fountain quest!

VD Contestant said...

Water fountains are FANTASTIC!! I don't know how we got along without one. If you are going for a Drinkwell and I think you should (my extend family has tried a few and we like that one best) Go for the Platinum it might seem a bit more expensive but by the time you by a bigger tank for the other fountain, and you'll need it for three kitties you've made up the difference! Plus it is prettier and more compact. You can grow cat grass in it too! It would last 2 weeks at our house with us if Empress didn't play in it so much and splash all the water out. :) It is super easy to clean, even daddy can do it. Well I hope this helps convince your beans to get you one! Oh, my dear Jake I made you Valentines! They are on Skeezix and Monty Q's! ~purrs Queen Snickers

Artsy Catsy said...

Oh, we HAVE to have one of those, too! Except I like to stand in my big water bowl. Even with a fountain, my mom may have to keep the water bowl out so I can properly wash my feet.


The Flying Monkeys said...

Nice Thursday List! Come pick out something from my list!

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

I would like a water fountain too. I think they care cool. But maybe not one that pours water like that because I don't like to drink from a faucet and would be scared of it.

Lyra&Caesar said...

We hope you get your water fountain, we want one too!

Tesla said...

well then it's settled. you just HAVE to have a fountain.

Skeeter, LC, and Ayla said...

Be careful what ya ask fer. We gotta drinkwell fountain waterer. It scares us...

Boots & the Interlopers said...

We need to start a petition. Monty started one and jeeze, Tripper got a blog. It shouldn't be that hard to petition for a fountain.

Anonymous said...

Well, after all the reasons I read at your post and the comments here, I think Daddy has no choice than to go shopping tomorrow -- for the Drinkwell Platinum water fountain!!

~Ruis :)

Karen Jo said...

Those are all very good reasons to get a fountain. I think your Daddy should get you one at once.

Anonymous said...

#13 is really the only reason you need one, but you stated your case quite well.

Wrigley & Cobalt said...

We do not have that exact fountain but we have a different one where the water runs over a dome. It is called
CatIt. We love it!!!

We will send positive water fountain vibes to the lapdaddy.