Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Kitty Movie Love-Fest

Once upon a time we used to have "Kitty Movie Love-Fest" That's where my big sister and brother and I would cuddle up with mom (well I always had to sit on the ottoman, since they were always taking all the good lap spots) and we'd snuggle in and watch a movie. It always had a way of making Mom feel better. Now with Purdy and Basil gone and that dang dog around we haven't had any Kitty Movie Love-Fests (and just when it was my turn to get some lap space!).

The worst part is that Mom really needed some love today (our Grandpa is really sick again), and we couldn't make her feel better. I tried to tell the kittens that she needed us, but they just wanted to go outside and play. But since I'm the boss, I'll make sure they both give her lots of love later, and even if they don't I'll cuddle up on the bed with her later and make sure she's better!

- Jake

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Victor Tabbycat said...

I's wif you, Jake. I practice Fur an Purr Therapy. Whatefur's wrong wif a bean, it'll make 'em feel better. I specially do it fur my boy when he gets home from skool cuz he often gets teased or bullied on the way home :-( Hope yur Mom is feelin all way better soon!