Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuxie/Tortie Tuesday

So I've been checking out all these cool kitty blogs, and a bunch of them have "Tuxedo Tuesday". So I thought, "I'm a Tuxedo (and according to my mom - a very handsome one), I should be on Tuxedo Tuesday".

But Mom said I should share with Pearl, so she said that we should call it Tuxie/Tortie Tuesday. Of course I suggested that we could have Tuxedo Tuesdays and Tortoiseshell Thursdays, but she didn't buy it!

Since Mom is making me do it - we'll share this week - but maybe next week we can just trade back and forth, you know Tuxie Tuesday one week and Tortie Tuesday the next week?! We'll see...

- Bert


Samantha & Tigger said...

Hi Bert, wanna be a Tuxedo Gang Hideout member? I'm Samantha, a TGH Reporter. Just leave a comment at the TGH and your Birthday and ot Gotcha day and we'll add you.We like your blog. Especially the name. Please come over to the Cat Blogosphere and leave a link, too. The address is http://www.blog.catblogosphere.com/. You'll get lots of Cat visitors. Welcome. Tigger and I are pleased to meet you.
Your FL furiends,

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

It is Torti Tuesday too, and also Tabby Tuesday. The more the Merrier. You should join Tuxedo Gang Hideout though.