Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fall is Tough

I put on my best singing voice this morning, and sat it the best, echo-y part of the hall this morning and told Mom and Dad to let me out! They kept telling me that it was raining, but I could tell that it was warm out I just didn't care, so I kept at it. Finally Mom let just me out, not the boys, just me!

It was a wonderful morning out, windy and warm and grey - then the water started and I had to go hide under the pine tree. Thankfully Mom had to go to work so I came running in just before she left, muddy feet and all.

Fall is so hard, it looks like a nice day - one that you can go and do fun kitty things in, then it drops water out of the sky all of a sudden! The worst part is that it means the snow is coming, and they never let us out when that stuff is around.


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