Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thinking on Thursday

We're thinking that our friend Tesla might be on to something - Mommies might be stoopid! But we think there might be a way for her to make it up (so make sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom!).

Here's why our Mommy is stoopid. Our friends have given us all these cool awards lately, but Mommy didn't remember! She had to go back through the blogs just to find them (at least she was smart enough to do that). And we're fairly certain she missed one or two. But here are the ones we could find...

From our lovely friend Princess Isis:

And she also gave Pearl this award (like it won't make her head any bigger):

And then the ever so clever Milo gave us this:
Okay, so we're not sure what all the rules are, so we're gonna make them up and give them to anykitty we want to!

So the Butterfly Award goes to one and all - we're pretty sure that most kitties have it, but if you don't, you really should!

The Princess Award goes to the finest princesses we know: the honest to goodness royal Princess Pearl, Tesla ('cause she's going to be a princess for Halloween), the lovely Queen Snickers (and we're so happy she's back - just in time for a big birthday bash on Friday) and her sisters Empress and Renna, Josie McKitten-Cat (she may only be a princess in her Daddy's stories, but she's always a princess to us), and the newest little Princess on the block the Little Imp that is invading Chance's house.

And finally the I Love Your Blog award goes to the very pawesome Karen Jo, all those cool Island Cats, our super friends at the Manx Mnews, and the lovely Kellie the Orange Cat!

Alrighty, on to the good news - the part where Mommy makes it up to us!

All the other kitties are getting their Holiday card lists together, and we traded cards last year, and we really enjoyed it. Last year, Mommy made all the cards, and she wants to do it again, but she said that this year we need a "tail count" (so that she can figure out how much stuff to get). So if you'd like to swap holiday cards with us you can email us at pbandjkittes AT gmail DOT com (or you can click on our email link up near the top of the page).

- Pearl, Bert and Jake


snowforest said...

Many concats on all of your awardies - you deserve them all :)

Cat with a garden said...

Congratulations for all those pawsome awards! Siena

Shadow / Molly said...

Concatulations on yer great awardies!! Ya know we're pretty sure our the mom has to be related to the other moms - she knows dat we gots awards but didn't do em so now has no clue! Silly beans!

Purrageous Pirates said...

Congratulations on your awards!! I am back my sweet Black Pearl and I have missed you so! Perhaps I can teleyport over and we can snuggle and celeybrate Halloween with some treats I have stolen for us? - Love Always, Dante

ICK! Love is icky!! At least to this kitten. Come to our bloggie cause we have BOO-ED you guys!! YAY!! It's Halloween!!! Time to PLAY!!!! - Fagin

The Island Cats said...

Oh, this is so cool! Thanks for passing on an award to us! We are so honored that you thought of us! Whoohoo!!!

Queen Snickers and Empress said...

Wows you deservs all de awardes! We tanks you fer ours!! We puts it up on Mondays. Snikers is off singin Paris, what so neat Paris TX? Me heard it just a little town wif a mettal tower topped by a cowboy hat. o.O Sees ya'll! ~Empress

DEBRA said...

Woo hoo we love awards and thank you so much...we will put it up right now or else our "stoopid" Momma will forgit!


We hadda laff...cuz our verification word is:


jenianddean said...

Josie is so thrilled with her award! Of course it might go to her head. I think she already considers herself a princess and the chosen one since she sleeps under the covers with Mom every night.

Kellie The Orange Cat said...

Concatutulations on all your awards and thank you so much for my award, it is greatly appreciated.

My Mum is stoopid about putting up my rewards too, it is so hard to get good help!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Concats on yoor awards...maybe yoo shouldn't say yoor mom is stoopid out loud. Sometimes it makes dem mad and den we don't get treats and skritches and stuff.

Tybalt said...

My mommy did the exact same thing to me not too long ago!

Congrats on all your awards!

T'Abby Normal said...

Congratz on your awards! We love your blog, too.

Abby & Stygia

The Furry Kids said...

Congrats on your awards!
Our mom is like that, too. She always has to go back and read the comments and figure out who gave us awards. It's hard to find good moms these days, I guess.

Mama says we're going to e-mail you for the Christmas card exchange. If she ever remembers...

Love and whiskie kissies to Bert,

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your awards! We just emailed you with our address to exchange Christmas cards. The 1st email came back because you have the wrong email address in your post! Ooopsie!

Kimo and Sabi said...

Congrats on all yer awards!

Mickey said...

Congrats on your awards!!!!!!
I agree that Mom's sometimes have their momenys too ;) heeheehee
Purrs Mickey

Artsy Catsy said...

Big concatulations on all your wonderful - and well-deserved -awards! But we already knew how great you all are!!

Rocky & staff

Karen Jo said...

Congratulations on all your awards. Thank you so much for passing one along to me. I will blog about it soon. Hahaha! My word verification is "cryinge" and I think that sums up the way you feel about Halloween. Have the best one you can, anyway.