Friday, June 6, 2008

Well Trashed!

Well, it seems that we did a pretty okay job on trashing the house! This is what Mommy saw when she walked in the front door...

And here's what everyone did!

Gracie & Ping opened cabinets and pulled stuff out, then they went through the pantry on the way to the Laundry - you should see what they did in there - whew!

Merlin got started by chewing on cardboard boxes and any other cardboard he could find!

Shade put her weight behind and toppled a few things from the mantle while Goldie had a go at sharpening his claws on the ottoman.

The McKitten-Cats all made their presence know - Maggie made some fine toilet paper art. Jasper took over knocking over the bath room trash cans. Huggy clawed a couple chairs. And Josie, the good-girl served the snacks and nip!

Of course the dogs were up to no good!

Beaux and Samwise (the Purrageous Pups) helped George out with her toy basket as well as the kitchen trash! While Captain Jack and Fagin whapped things off of the window sills. We're not sure where Dante and Pearl snuck off to?!

Hendrix, Bendrix and Flyyn all worked over the carpets!

Tazo and Eric had a whack or two at the couches!

Samantha & Tigger lead a great game of Thundering herds of Elephants - it's safe to say that a few things were knocked over!

Faith Boo brought her extraordinary skills, the paper artist enjoyed the toilet paper, until she found the huge store paper towels in the pantry!

Magoo, Smudge, Bella & Dolce played a game of "Does it break or bounce?" with a couple of plants!

Some one (or two or three) was in the tent and the toy basket!

Speedy helped to shred the furniture, eat stuff out of the garbage and then he yak all over - it was great!

Jimmy Joe took care the couch, making it nice and white and orangey!

Queen Snickers brought the whole demolition crew, Empress and Renna the destructo doggy! But some how she disappeared when she saw Jake in all his destructive glory!

Fat Eric left floofy ginger and white fur all over everything then helped Chance out with pulling the blinds down!

Even Miss Peach was there to take out her frustrations!

"Really Mommy, I have no idea how things got like this!"

And look at all the crazy stuff Ayla did (wow is she amazing)!

"I unrolled the toilet paper and made sure ta perforate it as I did. I pulled the carpet up at one corner, an shredded some Kleenex in a difernt corner. I pushed dust-bunnies out from unner the bed and inta the middle of the livin room. "

"I carried little bits of cat food all over the house. I had GREAT fun pushin pens an paperclips unner the stove and frigerator."

"Did I mention that I teleported our dead mousie over an hid it inna closet? "

"You may notice that I petty much emptied yer litterbox stuff outta the box, that I knocked ofer the waterbowls, and shoved the candles to tha floor."

"An iffa ya see clawmarks on the curtains, that was me. "

"Not to mention the towels I pulled from the rack an pulled inta the toilet. AND flushed! Wow! "

The real question is who did this?!

Thank you to one an all for a thorough trashing - yet again the kitties of the blogosphere do not disappoint!


Skeeter, LC, and Ayla said...

Skeeter lapped the butter! I saw him.


michico*Adan said...

Oah Dear....
did you have any trouble right now?

That is a very big major work you have done!

Karen Jo said...

You had quite a successful house-trashing party. What fun!

The Meezers said...

the butter licking might haf been Miles - he may haf sneaked ofur there when no one was looking (cause he was grownded for being in big trouble). he has been known to eat large amounts of butter that haf been lefted out

jenianddean said...

Yipppeeee!! That was load of fun! My mom and dad are going to the beach for a week soon. I can't imagine what kind of trashing we can get done in a week. I'm so glad we could help you all out! At least we got your mom's attention!! hehehe

Happy Friday!
-Jasper McKitten-Cat

PS Huggy Bear likes to lick butter too. :)

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Very impressive! Lots of house trashing! You forgot that Merlin chewed a bunch of cardboard. It's his specialty!

Honey P. Sunshine said...

nice werk, well done

Pearl C. Pritchard said...

Oh nice job everyone. Especially that butter.

All you have to say to your mommie is:

"Mistakes were made."

No names necessary.

DEBRA said...

OH we had so much fun...let's do it all again...

Jinx and Gracie

Queen Snickers and Empress said...

MOL That's what our house looks like every day when momma gets home from dayhunting! She just throws up her hands and says "I give up! I will never have a clean house!" hehehehe :) Jake, Your momma grows nip right? How does she do it? I'm tring to talk momma into starting some but she needs some advise getting started. :p Smoches ~Queen Snickers

Captain Jack and Sir Dante said...

Looks like we did a mighty fine job! As for the licked butter, I must confess there is a good chance it was Fagin. We've been trying to teach him that you do not pirate things from your friends but he just does not listen when it comes to the food stuffs!! - Captain Jack

My Beautiful Black Pearl - I had a lovely time at your trash the house party! Now onto the Free Mommy campaign. We cannot go wrong when I have such a beautiful and savvy pirate wench beside me!! - Much love, Dante

Gattina said...

Hahaha ! Of course MY Rosie would never do such awful things, lol ! she is too much a good girls, but Arthur ! there you better close ALL doors !

Tybalt said...

Woohoo! Hurray for a job well done!

ML said...

Well, if'n we'd jus had a little more time, we's coulda really gotten it trashed...
but i's must say it be impressive.

pee ess: an jus' remember, jus between us... it wuz Knot Mee. Got that... it wuz Knot Mee. That's our storie an we's stiking to it. Purrs.

ML said...

I licked tha butter...
had ta do sumfing affer all tha paper shredding...
but i wasn't the only one... there were four sticks to begin with!!!!
Faith Boomerang

The Furry Kids said...


Bert, I'm on my way over!

Love and whiskie kissies,

Mr. Echo said...

Dang! I am impresst! Me and Tenny really gotta work harder on our distruckshun skills.

Christine and FAZ said...

OMG! That was some party. Trashed is not the word. FAZ

Jimmy Joe said...

Good times, good times! Sounds like the house is in tip-top shape now. Glad to help, buddies!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

The Furry Kids said...

Dear Bert,

Where did your mom get your nip plants? We want Momma to grow some for us, but she can't find any plants.

Love and whiskie kissies,

Daisy said...

Those post-party photos are too funny! And incriminating!

JB's Big World said...

Oooh! You did that? AND I missed the party? I am sad I missesd the party. My mom was working a lot, and she made me miss the party.

Victor Tabbycat said...

And a good time was hadded by all!
... so will dis confince yur beans not to leaf you? Cuz mine leaf too much an I'd like to confince them to stay instead.

Princess said...

Oh wow, what fun!

I love butter too!!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

We hadded lots of fun...I think maybe Sadie had a paw in eating da butter. She does love her dairy products...

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

i won't tell about the butter. no way.

what a great time we had!! ihope your beans learned their lesson!!

The Furry Kids said...

Thanks, Bert! I'm sending Momma out for nip this weekend. I don't care if she's still sick. hee hee
Happy weekend to you guys!


Samantha & Tigger said...

We have to show Mom this! And tell her.....If you leave again this could be what you come back to!! (hehehehehe) Love the pictures! We knew Thundering herds of elephants was good for something!
Your FL furiends,

Fat Eric said...

Hee hee, it was fun! Any time...

Dr Tweety of da Fab Five said...

Oh man.. I missed dis???? What a bummer!!!

Eric and Flynn said...

We had a great time trashing the house. I had a few licks of the butter as well.
Fanks furr sending purrs to Eric. He ate a little bit of fish earlier, and we don't fink he's yakked it up. He is sleeping right now. Me and mum are hoping the fing in his tummy is a hairball and he can yak it up very soon.
Purrs Flynn.

Black Cat said...

Wow, nice job guys! :) xxx

Katie & Da Katz said...

Kins I chue da cardsbord nex times?
I likes cardsbord...

Bootsie likes levin plastik spoons, pens and papur flutterbies all over da floor.

Katie iz goods a takin out da baftub drain. She dids dat at 4 muffins old!! Anyting you needs takin parts, she da one ta calls on!

Boo Bear and Mouse kins help wif levin barfeez and sleepinz afturwardz...

-Daisy May Daffodil.

China Cat said...

What a terrific house-trashing party! I am so sorry that I missed it but the post-party pictures are excellent!

Purrrrrs, China Cat

Karl & Ruis said...

HAHAHA, we saw it all! We had a live video connection between your house and our shuttle.

We're still on honeymoon and because the Delta Flyer is equipped with 24th century special devices we can see and visit the whole blogosphere.

Pearl, Bert and Jake, from space we want to thank you for attending our special day!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Love and Hugs,
Karl & Ruis

ps - At june 13 our honeymoon ends and we both go to the Netherlands. Karl will then visit the Kattenpraat family for 1 week.

goldenshade said...

That was soooo much fun!!!!!! Shade's been asleep for days trying to recover!

We'll have to have one at my house sometime!

Hope you didn't get into too much trouble!


Parker said...

I am so proud of all of you!

Sassy Kat said...

Wow, that is one great mess. You all must have had a lot of fun. You must always remember if this happens again to never, never, never fess up as to who did what.
Who cleaned things up?

Southbay Girl said...

WOW! That's awesome destruction!!! But who licked the butter??? I know who would have done it in our house! 3 Perf!!!

Kodak, Winton and 3 Perf